Creative system for monitoring closed community services

Secure Suite Overview

Secure Suite is a cluster of Apps and Web Portal that allows the community to leverage and monitor their security, visitor management, owner and tenant's registry management system

Secure Guard App allows the security guard to key in important data such as patrolling information, visitor information, contractors and other key data
Secure Community is the community app for people in the community like owners and tenants, the mobile app allows the user to report defects and rectify the same, it allows allows the user to create a visitor pass for his family and friends, the users will also get important notification from the community admin's
Secure Admin is the web portal for the admin, it operates as a central hub for the admin to monitor and create provisions for all the stake holders inside the community, the system also allows to generate reports and build strategies based on the data accumulated

Key Features

Secure Suite has some key features built in and we have listed here for you to learn more about the product.

Patrolling Services

The System allows the security guard to perform patrolling services and clock them in realtime.

SOS Ranging and Notification

The System allows the Guard to raise a incident alert within the premises.

Contract Management

The System allows the Admin and Guard to Manage Contractors who are visiting the premises Read !

Visitor Management

The System allows the Guard to collect info of visitor along with a photo.

Owner / Tenant Registry

The System allows to keep a digital registry of owners / tenant information to leverage features such as Defect tracking

Defect Tracking

We have integrated a new mobile app for community users to raise Defect tracking Beta program !

Short Video of Secure Suite Advantages

Advantages of Our system.

  • No Need for any special hardware
  • All the data is in the cloud and relayed back to admin via portal
  • With mobile connectivity now the system can relay back realtime data
  • Our AI computes and notifies thus removing dependencies of human effort
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Current Releases of mobile APP.

  • Admin App :Secure Admin Ver 1.0
  • Guard App :Secure Guard Ver 1.1
Admin Guard